pricy education centre mission


Pricy Education Centre is an initiative that supports orphans and vulnerable children in the slums of East Lands, within Nairobi City. The Centre provides children with basic education, feeding programs, clothing, temporary shelter and co curriculum activities, which includes games, singing, dancing and reciting poems. The Centre started with six children under the leadership of its founder Lucy Anyango and the Centre has since increased to 250 children who are provided with quality education, food, and clothing. The Centre also encourages participation in arts and crafts, sports, theatre, and spiritual nourishment with the help of well-wishers or donors.

In 2023, Word of Life Christian Church adopted Pricy Education Centre and became a main partner in supporting the Pricy Education Centre Vision and Mission.

New Construction project

Lucy, the visionary behind Pricy, aimed to expand the school to accommodate students from 6th to 8th grade, ensuring that their educational journey continues seamlessly. Word of Life members and it's partners has successfully raised funds to support this noble cause.

We are delighted to announce that construction has begun to construct the additional floor at the Education Centre, specifically designed to cater to the needs of older children. This development ensures that education no longer stops at the 5th grade level. With this remarkable progress, Lucy's dream and vision are now becoming a reality.

Over the next year, Word of Life is actively planning to dispatch mission workers to Kenya, collaborating closely with Lucy and the Pricy Education Centre. Together, we aspire to make a profound impact on the lives of individuals both near and far, transforming their futures.