amu rwanda mission and project

"god if you protect me, my family, i will serve you"  -  Mrs. Rose Mukankaka

Association Mwana Ukundwa (AMU) "Beloved Child Association", is Christian Organization was founded by Mrs. Rose Mukankaka, shortly after the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

Being a genocide survivor, during Genocide, she prayed, and God promised to protect her family. She made the vow: “God, if you protect me, my family, I will serve you.”

After genocide, she remembered the vow she had made to God, and in her heart she was convinced that she should fulfill it.

There were a lot of children in streets who had lost their parents during Genocide; she felt God leading her to support them. she started Association Mwana Ukundwa (AMU) with 40 children, finding foster families for them.

AMU was founded on March 19, 1995, and has legal personality since 2001. AMU initial objective was to help orphans’ survivors of 1994 genocide. Over time, AMU expanded efforts to other vulnerable children mainly children infected by HIV/AIDS and children with disabilities. More than 20,000 children are supported by AMU in different programs.

The achievements of Association Mwana Ukundwa have been recognized in our districts of operation. Thus, The Founder, Madame Rose Mukankaka, was awarded the Recognition of Protector of friendship pact “UMURINZI W’IGIHANGO”  on National level in 2016 awarded by His Excellence Paul Kagame.

Vision: A world in which children’s rights are fully respected and are able to develop their holistic potential to make a great society.

Mission: Promote the protection of children’s rights and their families in Rwanda and to facilitate their meaningful inclusion in all aspects of life in the society.

1. Empowering Vulnerable youths at Risk with technical skills: AMU provides technical training and skills in, tailoring, hair making, artist skills.

2. Education through Learning Center: AMU has equipped 5 learning centers in-house and mobile libraries to cultivate the culture of book reading and writing for children who normally come from disadvantaged families and attending less equipped schools. Facilitators for the libraries are trained.

3. Youth clubs in partner schools: Since 2000 AMU has worked with schools to fight against HIV, fight drugs, teenage pregnancies and against child-trafficking. We have the expertise to work with school clubs and empower students to best understand themes and share the knowledge to fellow students and communities through innovative communication mechanisms: drama, songs, poems, comedies, news broadcast, etc.

4. Spiritual Transformation: AMU does spiritual transformation through evangelism and discipleship for children and their caregivers. Currently AMU is implementing spiritual nurture for 21,350 children form 123 local churches. Where AMU organize different crusades, provide training to Church leaders and Sunday school teachers and empower their family members.

5. Community transformation through Self-Help Groups (SHGs): Association Mwana Ukundwa already has a huge expertise of establishing, facilitating, and supporting Self-Help Groups (a groups of around 20 women and men in the same village, who meet weekly, hold discussions, save, and distribute loans to members) for socio-economic empowerment and holistic transformation (Spiritual, economical, social and emotional), fight any form of violence within family as well as unit and reconciliation.

In 2023 Word of Life Christian Church became a main partner in supporting the Mission and Vision of AMU. Committed to do yearly US to Rwanda mission trips to support some of the most vulnerable areas in Rwanda.